My name is Norman Charles Borg. I was born, raised and live in Malta. I've been a teacher since 1982. I taught primary school children (10-12 year-olds) for 14 years. I have a Bachelors in Education (Honours), a Bachelors in English (General) and a Masters in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), all from the University of Malta.

I was assistant head of school for six years before being promoted to education officer. In this role I was responsible for the implementation of ICT in primary schools all over Malta and Gozo. This also involved training regular class teachers in the management of computer equipment and in the use of ICT to help enhance their teaching methods.

In 2008 I turned back to teaching, this time with the NSTS English Language Institute. In 2017 I started teaching at Easy School of Languages. I teach regular English and business English to adults from different countries. I also give Digital Technology in Education courses to teachers within the Erasmus Plus Programme.

My portrait on this page was drawn by Mikaya Tanaka, one of my EASY School students from Japan. Thanks, Mika!

My portrait on the banner was drawn by Minori Ochiai, one of my NSTS students from Japan. Thanks, Minori!